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Waste sorting

Date: 19/04/2017

Check out all the information on the separate collection of rigiuti and new systems of underground bins

One of the major difficulties to be addressed in the management of the environment and living conditions in the cities, large or small, is surely related to the collection of waste, because it involves issues related both to hygiene issues – health care that the aesthetic and functional sites contribution and collection of the waste.

Waste collection can be addressed optimally using dumpsters retractable, ie bins in the underground (a type of waste collection already widespread abroad and known as underground trash, or waste collection in the ground).
This innovative method of collection of waste involves the placement of bins in the subsoil, in a compartment from the mobile platform. The platform is operated only by ecological operators that can provide for the emptying and disinfection of bins Concealed in complete safety, and possible vandals do not have the ability to reach the bins underground to tamper with or spread the waste.

At the bins in the basement, on the surface are placed small containers where residents can place their waste that will fall in the large bins concealed underneath. The reduced size of these baskets reduce the visual impact of the structure and allow the creation of areas pleasant to live and see: the underground waste collection, made with very capacious underground bins, bags and scraps are not visible, and platforms surface, coated with materials compatible with the rest of the urban and softened with plants, are integrated with the surrounding spaces.

Moreover, this system of bins in the subsoil makes possible the creation of a real ecological island to perform a differentiated collection of waste high-profile: the bins retractable can accommodate each type of waste (paper, moist, plastic, dry, cans) and collecting waste in the ground is very effective but invisible. The bins in the basement finally offer great advantages from a hygienic: collecting waste in the ground prevents the animals to access the waste, avoiding the shedding of the same and the proliferation of rats and insects; also lower temperatures developed in the bins concealed underground slow down the processes of decomposition, with a reduction of the fumes which, however, remain confined in the basement of the underground trash bins.

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