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Platform lifts car

Date: 19/04/2017

Every day we have to deal with the parking problem: perform complicated maneuvers in tight spaces, wait some time before parking is free, the risk of being late and missed appointments important work.

Ecospace, has developed effective and technologically advanced solutions for the ultimate resolution of the lack of parking. The experience, the reliability, the search for high-quality materials, allow the creation of platform lifts car-edge, fully satisfying the requirements of the space.

For lifting cars currently are used car lift, car lift bridge mixed system or scissors, which guarantee to lift car of all displacements. In assisting the lifting platform is also used the car deck, which offers maximum versatility for the alignment of the wheels and that with the lifting ramp car allows the exploitation of space on the ground. For Ecospace everything is synonymous with safety, reliability, a perfect match between the demands of companies, workshops and private individuals and the solutions adopted. The elevator car proposed by Ecospace features the perfect balance of stability, robustness and innovative design. The skill of the designers, the use of existing equipment, you can define the platform lifts car the perfect synthesis of versatility and creativity.

Built through a system mechanical and electronic precision, they can be used not only in the workshops, but also in several Italian and foreign corporate sectors.
The requirements of efficiency, robustness, security are the unmistakable quality of all production Ecospace, which aims to customize each project to achieve excellent results every time.

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