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World-class single stage scissor lift designed for transporting vehicles or other loads floor to floor up to a height of 4 metres. A sturdy structure with self lubricating bushings and sliding blocks grants no load deformation and ensures a very long lifetime. Lifting capacities range from 3000kgs to 5000kgs. The main feature is that the whole lift can be taken down to pieces, thus enabling it to be easy transported and installed in narrow spaces or into old city centres. The lift requires an extremely shallow pit (just 36cm) making it ideal for those places where there are digging problems. Little building works are needed as there is no need of wall anchors.

The lift can be equipped with a roof that covers the access hole (Newton CT version). The system takes advantage of a telescopic roof structure allowing the roof to rise with the car platform from the basement; when the lift is instead lowered into the basement the roof separates from the platform. In this way lifting heights of up to 4,000mm represent no longer a problem for the deck structure. The roof can be prepared for special finishes the client may choose (tiles, artificial or syntheticgrass, mosaics, etc). A galvanised pit frame to be placed around the shaft opening for collecting water is provided with for outdoor use.

This lift is definitely a vanguarding lift, which is designed to meet the most demanding clients’ expectations.

Slowdown switches
Overcenter stop valves (against falling) fitted on the dual cylinders
Low tension controls with “Dead Man” push buttons and key
Emergency stop
Electric locks for controlling landing doors
(Optional) Vehicle positioning control photocells
(Optional) Vehicle presence control photocells
(Optional) Auxiliary battery in case of power failure

Shaft:5380 x 2730 mm.
Platform:5300 x 2650 mm.
Pit depth:360 mm.
Travel:3000 – 4000 mm
Capacity:3000 – 5000kgs
Framework and platforms:Epoxy powder coating (RAL grey colours

7016 e 9006).

Speed:6 cms/sec.
Motor:from 5.5kw to 11kw
Tension:400V triphase
Mass:3500 kgs (base version)
Hydraulic unit:550×700 H 1000 mm.(to be placed in the machine room)
Control panel:200×400 H 500 mm. (preset for connecting safety devices and door locks)
Button boards:100×100 H 200 mm. (with emergency button and extractable key)
Safeties:Emergency Stop
Lift movements:“Dead man” controls with extractable key
Floor switch:Electric type, adjustable to fit floor level
When platform is in motion:On floor flashing light
Warranty:2 years on parts
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