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Date: 19/04/2017

Ecospace was created by Venetian entrepreneurs with the winning idea in mind to solve the chronic problem of lack of parking and urban with the aim of creating ecological islands of garbage collection.

With many years of experience, continually updating their knowledge, technologies, and their team, has achieved the goal of meeting a varied clientele and needs, picking up on every occasion all its requests for customized solutions within the lift car , always at the forefront, in time and with reduced costs.
Ahead of time, anticipate solutions with high technological and creative are the main inspiration of Ecospace, who has the desire to provide a finished product that exceeds customer expectations and private companies. At the base of the car lift is made customization of management systems, an in-depth study of the dimensional space, which tends to its full optimization. Born the lift car “smart” designed and built for the city center, for blocks, for companies.

An elevator car as Jupiter, highly technological and safe at the same time, solves the problem of height differences between two plans: a revolutionary system that breaks the traditional mold. A modern design and effective and widely experienced in the visible platform lifts car systems Comet.
The synergistic collaboration with partners and national and international retailers, you can establish with the client a close working relationship that starts from consulting, from accurate inspections, to technical support after the sale. The many examples of realizations of car lifts, car bridge, lifting car ramp, bridge lifts car, applied to interior and exterior spaces, are a prestigious business card for a company that aims to consolidate the achievements, always keeping interest alive for new projects.

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