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Date: 19/04/2017

Ecospace Venetian is a young and dynamic company with the objective to be achieved through the mechanism of the car deck of the parking lots that exploit the volume available to create parking spaces especially in large cities, where it is increasingly difficult to find places where you can leave comfort of the car, in peace.

There are various models that can be adapted according to different needs to realize systems to lift the car. Each device has a security system certified and guaranteed for the ascent and the descent.
The Comet model is perfect for those who want to have a place for the car even if it has enough space for maneuvering. It consists of a platform lift car that enables a rotation to the right or left. The same function is that of the model Orbit that instead acts as a ramp lifting drive which rotates by 360 °.
The Pluto model is perfect for those who have two cars but the place for a just and the position of the car depends on the upper and lower. This car lift is often used for private use. The model Neptune instead realizes many cars exploiting the available volume and creating parking spaces arranged on three levels where for each of them there are from 2 to 6 machines.

The platform lifts cars operate using the columns placed on the floor and the platforms that are raised by the cylinders. The model Uranus instead is a real bridge raises drive to move the cars from one level to another. Each car lift system is realized with resistant materials such as steel and long-lasting, and is equipped with a security system for locking the vehicle. In general, the time to recover the car varies from 5 to 8 minutes depending on the model.

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