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Waste collection

Waste collection

Recycling, more and more widespread in every big and small town, has triggered a series of management problems not just. Separating the waste is essential to allow a correct disposal, composting and recovery of materials and to safeguard, consequently, the environment.

However, there are difficulties in the process of waste collection: the streets are full of garbage for many hours of the evening, the citizens are forced to follow strict schedules often not compatible with their commitments, unsightly bins cluttering the streets, with the result that cities are often the dirtiest residues that remain in the street or to the failure to collect the bags shown in the times of the day.

Ecospace has designed a new method for the collection of waste based sull'underground trash, that is, on garbage collection below ground.

By creating ecological islands of containers retractable, capacious and able to collect large amounts of garbage, it becomes extremely easy to remedy the problems listed above, what times prescriptive and abandonment street bins dall'antiestetico environmental impact. The bins in the basement are the new frontier of the collection of waste, which uses a system of platforms formed to house the bins below ground and driven by a mechanism for raising and lowering of loads without any disturbance to the community.

The system, called Ecorif, is based on the waste collection in the basement due to a kind of elevator that moves large dumpsters retractable. The citizens will no longer be forced to immense hardships to throw the garbage, but will be required only to throw their garbage in small containers that are deposited immediately in the bins in the basement. The system is also ideal for ecological operators who deal with the waste collection, which will simply pull a lever to ascend and descend the bins retractable.

The flooring furniture that covers the island ecological obtained under the earth may be agreed by the client with the manufacturer, so as to blend in perfectly with the urban context. The system Ecorif represents true innovation for the management of a less problematic waste separation and can be the ideal solution for both private, perfect for example for housing high population density, as for public administrations wanting new functions their cities with a view to improving the urban landscape and the professional management of this activity. Very little is needed, therefore, to change the concept of waste separation, still often so difficult to be accepted by the community of citizens.