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Ecospace boasts a long experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of products, systems and lifting systems. Our company is synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability, carefully studying the needs of industries and warehouses, in order to achieve innovative solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

For years, is distinguished by the high quality standards of products and services offered, provides flexibility and professionalism in the face of any customer need. Has a catalog with diversified products, specialized in lifting equipment such as lifting loads, hoists retractablehoists lift, lifting platforms, platform lifts goods. Manufactures custom hoists studying every little detail from the analysis of the type of environment in which the elevator will have to operate on the type of goods, according to these factors will be decided the insulation of electronic components and the type of coating cabin. The result will be a perfect and reliable freight elevator for your industry.

Very special are also retractable lifts ideal for commercial activities, wineries, theaters, environments where you need to feed an underground storage keeping the area above without physical barriers and usable as a surface pedestrian or used for commercial activities. This solution hoist disappearance can also be provided for rooms with external landing pit hassle free infiltration of rainwater into the pit through the delivery channel perimeter of collection.

Instead elevators lift systems are, by the European Directive Elevators, suitable for transport of goods and people. When the elevator lift must be used also for the transport of goods, we need a ‘careful analysis of the needs of the user for this Ecospace offers a wide range of lifts for goods and people.

Ecospace offers a complete service to its customers, the design, construction, supply and installation, on-site assistance, testing. Great importance is given to the direct relationship with the customer that is supported at every stage with specialized and highly qualified. The products are made with all the latest technology and perfectly meet regulatory requirements required by law.

Ecospace is able to ensure its presence in the market, attentive to every detail and with excellent value for money for its wide range of products and lifting equipment.