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Bins underground

Date: 19/04/2017

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From this point of view the ecological islands are the places where it is possible to dispose properly of the waste or where you can retrieve them for use in a different way.

An innovative system is represented by the ecological islands positioning of bins underground to store the waste, thus saving considerable space on the surface. Thanks to the waste collection bins in the subsoil via first is not affected the city environment, and secondly it ensures more hygienic avoiding the dispersion of bad smells in the air. The bins retractable help differentiate properly and adjusted the various waste can be placed next to each other, so as to put any waste into the dumpster, avoiding mistaken. The ecological islands that use this methodology also offer the advantage of avoiding that animals assail the bins dispersing waste, or are besieged by vandalism, as only managers can operate the bins making them rise to the surface.

To make the most pleasant islands waste collection can also enter plants as not impede the work of operators. The idea of underground bins is the latest innovation in the field of ecology. In practice there are only on the surface of small containers while the bins are completely underground. The citizen is equipped with a card that will be used for its recognition, then must press the button for the refusal to insert, after which the mouth of the container is opened so that the refusal may be introduced. The waste, as well, through the rollers come directly to the central underground disposal.

This system is definitely a step forward in the ecology and hopefully that will bring benefits both environmentally avoiding the dispersion of waste is the decoration of the spaces surrounding avoiding indecent performances on the streets of our cities.

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