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Automatic parking systems

Date: 19/04/2017

Discover the automated parking signed Ecospace

The innovation of the automatic parking is remarkable, for this Ecospace offers mechanized parking lots with the highest levels of technology in the industry, combining a simple and computerized with the security of a service suitable for any type of business or garage. Thanks to the automatic parking to drive the cars are placed on motorized platforms that move in one or more directions and levels, allowing, therefore, the multilevel parking, both underground levels both above ground, in a short time, and especially with the maximum safety. The automatic parking systems also comprise a system for the recognition of the user and this allows an even better security of parked cars.

In automated parking Ecospace, you have several types of parking: vertical, horizontal, rotating, circular and hybrid. The automatic parking vertical, for example, are those designed to move in automatic parking vehicles on a vertical lift that positions then the medium in horizontal sections to the left and right with timing fast very few minutes, and suitable mainly for medium and large buildings size; the rotating ones, however, for example, are indicated for size more content and lower amounts of drive to park, with a rotation system computerized, absolutely easy and quick.

For unlimited quantities of vehicles, however, it may use the automated parking hybrid that, thanks to its technology, allows the parking of large quantities of automobiles.
Whatever the need for parking and typology, Ecospace has an answer to the needs of its consumers, offering a professional service and the latest generation, using the most advanced technologies in the field of automated parking.

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